LSF People’s Assembly Meeting

April 3, 2006


Michael, Richard, Teresa H., Nico, Nick, Sofia, Massimo, Frank, Helena, Conor, Pauline, David, Alan, Teresa T., and Brenda


There was a wide ranging discussion of where we are at and where we’d like to go with the campaign for a People’s Assembly for London.

  • New participants from ‘Creative Forum’ and elsewhere were welcomed to the meeting.

  • There was agreement that LSF should be active in facilitating the ‘initiative’ for a People’s Assembly in London, less agreement on whether LSF should have a primary organisational role.

  • In answer to his written question submitted at the last Mayoral ‘Question Time’ event at Hackney Empire, Nico has received a letter from the Mayor’s Office stating that the ‘Review of the Power and Responsibilities of the Mayor […] does not consider the need for more direct and deliberative forms of participation’.

  • It was agreed that work needed to continue to raise awareness more generally of this initiative. Written material would be useful for this, as would the cultivation of any media contacts we have. It was agreed that the LSF’s Democracy sub-group would draft written material on the aims and objectives of the People’s Assembly initiative.  This material should include different options, such as a People’s Assembly which has statutory power, with its own budget and powers of scrutiny.

  • It was agreed that the focus of the initiative needed to be made sharper for the purposes both of communication and of getting more people involved. This is an ongoing issue that will be most effectively addressed through getting more people involved in the initiative in order to build the vision and the practice through participation. It was agreed that LSF wishes to work with Creative Forum on a creative event to raise awareness of the initiative, ideally outside City Hall and possibly in September.

  • Richard and Sofia agreed to make further contact with the London Civic Forum to follow-up the contact that LSF has already had. The key point here was about establishing how we might or might not be able to collaborate with them on this initiative following the support of the participants of a recent Civic Forum meeting that was attended by LSF members.

  • Nico made the point that as LSF is not an organisation in the conventional sense, it cannot be represented as such. Individuals act as individuals but cannot act on behalf of the LSF as a whole.

  • Richard agreed to forward his list of contacts to the general LSF email list so that we can begin to approach individuals and organisations as part of this campaign.

Date of next meeting

To be announced.


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